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Увлечения Behind him, Béla lay on the table, her heart, chest and stomach ripped open, her dead body cooling. Blood stopped oozing from her wounds and began to coagulate. On a cellular level, however, there was a great deal of activity. Cells that were still alive were growing and dividing, devouring damaged tissue and blood to repair the damage to her heart. The semen pumped into her pelvis and chest was also absorbed, the pure protein becoming an added boost for growth and repair. In just a few minutes, her heart, healed with fresh muscle tissue, began beating once again. Her body temperature began to rise.

Béla woke suddenly, gasping for air. She felt incredible; a new birth, a fresh, raw body. She kept her eyes closed and breathed deeply, luxuriating in the sensation of her body renewing itself. Being murdered would be her favorite hobby if she could get it to happen more often. In the last hundred years, she'd only managed it three times.

After a time, she opened her eyes. She was still on the table in the center of the room. As she looked down at herself, she could see she was naked, covered with blood and loose chunks of her own flesh. Half of her left breast was missing, her breast tissue regenerating more slowly than more vital parts of her body. She lay back on the table, surprised at the completeness of his butchery.

Wow! I missed a lot, she thought to herself, somewhat disappointed. She would have to lie here for awhile until her stomach muscles healed enough for her to even sit up. Her lower abdomen was still intact (he probably didn't want to stab himself in the dick), but the rest of the muscle tissue in her torso was shredded. Almost tenderized, she thought humorously.

While her body regenerated, her mind drifted back to the last time she was murdered. Almost fifty years ago, a Nazi officer had shoved a grenade up inside of her. It blew most of her backside off and almost completely severed her legs from her body. Afterward, she was dumped into a huge open ditch with hundreds of dead bodies. It had taken three days for her hipbones and pelvis to grow back. She never ever again wanted to think about what she'd been forced to devour during those three days.

Afterward, she had found her Nazi lover and, after retrieving some much-needed vital fluids from his neck, released him from his earthly suffering. After she escaped the country, she decided not to let any smooth-talking military types convince her to take another holiday in Germany.

A movement in the room brought her back to the present. She held her breath and watched through slitted eyes as a man, naked, walked across the filthy room. Her attacker had showered and was drying off with a large (pink?) towel. He threw it over a chair and, still naked, opened the door to the nearby refrigerator.
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